The Vivacious Thespian of Burlesque!

The Classy, Campy, Chameleon Cutie with an extra side of Creepy!

Photo taken by Robert Escue Camera Work



Caza Blanca is The Lovechild of Tim Curry & Marilyn Monroe she has performed on stages & festivals along the East Coast, the Midwest & across the country.  Known for her creatively driven routines & expressive performances Caza can touch your funny bone or leave you with something tErRiFyInG!! Winner of The White Elephant Burlesque’s Silver Tusk Award 2022 for BLOOD FEAST, this High Priestess of Horror, this Classy, Campy, Chameleon Cutie (with an extra side of Creepy), will Charm her way into your pants... ermm... heart!!




Skills include:
Acting, Dancing, Fencing, Long-Sword and Sword & Buckler Fighting.


Winner of White Elephant Burlesque's
Silver Tusk Award for