The Vivacious Thespian of Burlesque!

The Classy, Campy, Chameleon Cutie with an extra side of Creepy!



I was an actress having studying for a BFA Theatre in undergrad at Radford University and Webber Douglas Academy of Dramatics Arts in London, UK, until tragedy struck. I had a heart attack caused by a cold virus that attacked her heart. 12 years later she had a heart transplant and two weeks before that, I  had a stroke. I couldn't walk. I couldn't speak. One year after my heart transplant I got throat cancer caused by the fact I was on immune suppressant drugs. That was 8  years ago. Now I can walk and dance! I can speak, sort of (Lol!). That's why I  turn mine attention to Burlesque because it's Expression Without Words. About 5 years ago she took lessons at the Boom Boom Basics Burlesque & Performing Arts Studio in Richmond under the tutelage of Deanna Danger and I have never looked back. I can give a sense of empowerment to people with disabilities i.e. stroke, cancer, heart transplant and heart attack patients. I am survivor not a victim!!



Instagram:  @cazablancaburlybabe

Hair Fasteners:

Skills include:
Acting, Dancing, Fencing, LongSword and Sword & Buckler Fighting.